QuickBooks® for Mac

How did I live without it? I recently purchased a Mac for the sole purpose of writing my book for attorneys and property owners who use QuickBooks® on their Mac. I was surprised to see that it had a different look and feel than the PC version of QuickBooks®. I was having so much fun with my Mac that I got rid of Verizon and purchased the IPhone.

Some of the differences that I noticed right off was how much faster QuickBooks® runs on the Mac. The help files load fast and reports load faster. I love the fact that I can link my contacts to my address book and my IPhone!

I recommend attorneys use statement charges and not invoices. It is so hard or impossible to get notes out of the invoice for any reporting purposes. When using statement charges I entered a note with 250 characters and they all exported to excel. This is great! When I used the time sheet to enter information I noticed it will only let me put in 99 characters.

QuickBooks® for Mac does not currently have a multi-user version. You can save your QuickBooks® data file on your network, and different individuals in your organization can access the file, but not at the same time. Also, Windows and Mac versions of QuickBooks® cannot work together on a multi-user license.

Well the book should be back from review this week. If you would like to be one of the first to get the book at a special price in August, please feel free to email me at lynette@attorneystechnology.com

About Lynette Benton

Lynette Benton is a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor and offers over 18 years experience working with QuickBooks and lawyers. She has set up hundreds of small businesses and law firms and trained staff members how to get the most out of QuickBooks with the least amount of time.