You Can Use QuickBooks® In Your Law Firm

QuickBooks®® in your law firm? We can help imageAttention Lawyers: You can us QuickBooks® in your Law Firm to  handle all of your operating account and Client Trust accounting needs.  No need to have multiple programs that handle time tracking, invoicing, paying bills, tracking trust activities.  Once you know how, you will see that QuickBooks® can handle it all.

  • You can track your time and costs to billing your clients.
  • Create professional Statements and Invoices for clients.
  • You can bill your clients using either an invoice or a statement.
  • Keep track of client expenses and easily bill for thinks like filing fees, postage & copies.
  • Handling Retainers, Flat Rate and variable rate billing for clients.
  • Setup custom rates for clients.
  • Track your trust account so you can not only give your clients a report on their activity but stay in compliance with the Bar Regulation.

  • Run reports based on fees collected and fees billed.

QuickBooks® Training To Fit Your Firm

We have worked with lawyers and law firms of every size – from solo practitioners to medium and larger law firms.  We know that no two firms are the same, and that is why we work individually with each client to get to know their business, and to create a process and flow in QuickBooks® that is tailored to their firm.  Some attorneys just bill time and others bill flat fees.   The trick is getting setup right and learning how to use it efficiently for your practice.

Wouldn’t it be nice to open QuickBooks® and pull up a profit and loss and see how you are doing.   How about EASILY seeing who has money in trust.    That’s where I come in.  I can help you get setup and going on the right path to great financial records.

We can support all versions of QuickBooks® including QuickBooks® Online,  Enterprise edition and QuickBooks® for MAC.  We use remote technology to connect to your computer in your office and train you over the phone, so no office is too far or remote to wok with.

We also understand the demands of State Bar associations and can help you get compliant with state bar regulations.  We have even written a version of our bestselling book – Law Practice Accounting Using QuickBooks for the Florida Bar Association that they sell through their LOMAS division.  We can help you generate the reports and get your accounts cleaned up so you will be in compliance.

If you are still unsure – give us a call.  We will talk to you about your situation, and we can let you know how we can help you.  There is no obligation, why no give us a try?

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