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During the start-up of our solo defense, appeals, ethics law firm, we selected Quickbooks Online as our accounting software package. I spent hours researching material and books to assist in setting up our chart of accounts and accounting processes including handling our Trust (IOLTA) Fund using Quickbooks. As every attorney knows, trust fund accounting is critical and can lead to big problems if not handled according to State Bar Association laws. During my research, I came across “Attorneys’ Technology” website and was impressed by the wealth of useful knowledge and material offered (See Resources–>Forms and Letters – a huge time saver). I purchased Lynette Benton’s “Quickbooks in One Hour For Lawyers” and “Trust Accounting Using Quickbooks” in addition to several other books by other authors. There was no contest! Ms Benton’s books are the best and have become my “bibles” for setting up and maintaining our accounting processes using Quickbooks. The publication title “Trust Accounting Using Quickbooks” is one-of-a-kind and provides very detailed steps and best practices to set up and manage Trust (IOLTA) funds in Quickbooks. As we use Quickbooks Online (with a slightly different interface/functionalty than Quickbooks desktop), I reached out to Ms. Benton to set up time to set up a conference call to review my Chart of Accounts and answer several sticky questions specific to our law firm. Thanks to her quick response, we were able to set up a meeting the same week and with her “remote access” technology, Ms Benton and I did a conference call while simultaneously she was able to remotely access my Quicken Online account along with me to review and answer all my questions. PS…Her rates are very reasonable!
So…Overall five stars to Lynette Benton and Attorneys’ Technology. I will be undoubtedly be asking her for consulting help and using this service/website in the future.

Dan Austin Chief Operating Officer, Brotman Law Philadelphia, PA April 19, 2017

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This book is a must for any small firm or solo practitioner! I cannot imagine trying to manage my law firm finances and trust accounting without it. It is a must read for anyone wanting to streamline and simply their law office accounting procedures. This book has saved me so much time that it has paid for itself many times over. I use it weekly as a reference guide, and have recommended it to many of my colleagues.

Stacey M. Barrus Attorney at Law San Antonio, TX January 14, 2016

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Lynette literally wrote the book on QuickBooks for lawyers, both on the operating account side, but also the trust account side of the accounting. The books are sold on the ABA and The Florida Bar website. She devised the use of QuickBooks for time billing per timekeeper so that you might not need pricey additional softwares. She can set up the necessary reports for you to run to allow you to have a clear view of your financials. She can also customized the chart of accounts based on your practice areas and train your staff on running the system efficiently. I know for sure that she will be of great help to you as well.

Francis Boyer, Esq. Attorney Jacksonville, FL October 29, 2015

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Attorneys’ Technology and Lynette Benton saved my sanity as I tried to completely rebuild a crashed system in a small law firm. Quickbooks is the right tool and Lynette was a life saver. This was the best experience of outsourced help I have ever had. Thank you!

Kathleen Wentworth Controller, Meloche and Meloche Spencer, MA October 7, 2015

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Great Customer Service! Punctual and straight to the point. Easy to understand guidance! Any question asked was addressed professionally and with knowledge. Certainly recommend the book and the consultations with Lynette!

Nikki Main Fiscal Administrator, Law Offices of Cahilly & Cahilly Coudersport, PA February 26, 2015

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I am delighted with the book.  I had purchased QuickBooks® about a year ago.  I then figured that I needed help using it and so I paid a near-by accounting firm $485.00 for help.  About two weeks later, I gave it up completely, it was costing a fortune in additional telephone calls and it was taking forever to do the simplest things.  With your book, I was using it effectively with in about six hours; my trusts were set up and I was doing business out of QuickBooks®.   If you had any idea how much time that you have saved; if you had any idea how much sanity that I have remaining at the end of the day with your help then you would come to Kentucky and demand an additional payment.

Charles Michael Dixon Attorney February 26, 2015

When I ran into trouble after the latest upgrade of QuickBooks® for Mac, a call to Lynnette was all it took. She quickly, patiently, and courteously went right to the problem and corrected it. I am only sorry I neglected to call her directly for so long, attempting to doctor the problem myself. I’ve bought her two books for Mac, and anxiously await her soon-to-be-published third.
Thanks for terrific service!

William G. Short Attorney, Law Offices of William G Short Ojai, CA February 26, 2015

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This book is incredible! Worth every penny! If you are setting up QuickBooks® for a law firm, this book is a must-have. As a new user of QuickBooks® while setting up a new law firm, I was overwhelmed. I knew the setup of information was critical in order to get the information I would need later. If this book is read before setup, and then used as step-by-step instruction manual during setup, you cannot go wrong. It covers everything from setup to reporting. And the best part is that Lynette is a simple phone call away with answers or clarifications for any questions you may have. Thank you, Lynette!

Teresa Murrell Office Manager, Murrell & Murrell, P.A. Naples, FL February 26, 2015

This is a wonderful book to have as a reference for all issues related to accounting for attorneys! Lynette was so accommodating regarding our questions on how to properly set up our firm. I would recommend this book to ALL attorneys who use QuickBooks® for their accounting needs!

Jessica Christophillis Attorney Greenville, S.C. February 26, 2015

Lynette is the best. I never worry about my QuickBooks because I know that I can call Lynette and she will take care of it. I have spoken to other supposed Quickbooks experts and none of them even understood what I needed. One of the great features is her ability to log into my system and show me where the problem is or make recommendations on how to improve my data and reports. I really do appreciate everything she does and would be lost without her.

Dennis Sargent Attorney, Law Office of Dennis Jay Sargent Jr Cary, North Carolina February 26, 2015