Frequently Asked Questions

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QuickBooks FAQ (9)

Where can I get QuickBooks®?

QuickBooks® is available at most software retailers and many of the warehouse stores like Sams and B.J.’s.  We have found that the best prices can usually be found through the warehouses or by purchasing through Amazon.  Through Amazon you can purchase both the CD version or the download version.


What version of QuickBooks® will this book help me with?

This book is comparable with version 2015 which is very similar to prior versions. It also works with QuickBooks® 2006 through 2014. The changes between the version do not effect the trust accounting methods. It will also work with the Pro, Premier, and Enterprise versions of QuickBooks®.

Does the book come with the QuickBooks® software?

Our books don’t include the QuickBooks® Software. You will need to purchase the software through a local retailer or warehouse store or purchase it directly through Amazon

What version of QuickBooks® should I get?

QuickBooks® has several versions available, Online edition, Simple Start, QuickBooks® for Mac, QuickBooks® Pro, QuickBooks® Premier, QuickBooks® Enterprise. Choosing the right one for your business can be confusing. First let me tell you that I do not personally recommend Simple Start for attorneys. The following questions may help you decide which version of QuickBooks® to get.

Do you need more than 5 people to have access to QuickBooks®? If so you need the Enterprise Edition. This will allow up to 30 users.

Do you need access to the QuickBooks® file anywhere any time? If so and you don’t use applications like pcnow or gotomypc you may consider using the online edition for QuickBooks®. The cost starts at about $9.95 a month not including payroll for around $19.95 a month. If you need more than one person besides your accountant to have access to the file you will need to upgrade to the online plus which starts around $34.95 a month not including payroll $19.95 a month. This is not my favorite choice because I find it cumbersome when it comes to tracking time and billing clients.

Do you want to setup rates for individual clients? This is a biggie. If you want to be able to charge a different rate for each client or type of client you really need to get the QuickBooks® Premier Edition. This not only allows you to setup rates for clients but rates for your employees.

Do you track time? If so and you want to bill your clients using the invoice method the QuickBooks® Premier Edition is perfect for this. It allows you to see unbilled time and expenses on one screen and bill for it.

Are you just starting your Law Practice? If you are just starting your law practice and you still don’t know which version to get I recommend getting the QuickBooks® Pro version.

The main differences between the Pro and the Premier version that could affect your business type is the Premier version allows you to set individual rates for your clients, for your employees and allows you to bill your time in one screen. The cost is around $199.00 for the Pro version and $399.00 for the Premier version. If you think you will need to set individual rates for clients and employees I really recommend making the investment for the Premier version.

Can I password my QuickBooks® data?

Permissions are levels of access to a company data file. The QuickBooks® Administrator can give a user access to any or all of these areas when he or she sets up the user’s password: Sales and accounts receivable, Purchases and accounts payable, Checking and credit cards, Inventory, Time tracking, Payroll, Sensitive accounting activities, Sensitive financial reports

For each of these areas, the QuickBooks® Administrator can also give a user the ability to edit or delete transactions.

If I use another software for my billing can I use this to track my Trust Account?

Yes, you can use this to track your Trust Account and most anything else in your Law Practice.

What can QuickBooks® do?

QuickBooks® features include

  • Easy start-up
  • Fill in familiar forms on screen.
  • Learn step by step with flow charts.
  • Turn features on as you need them.
  • Built-in spell check.
  • Let QuickBooks® memorize and pre-fill information for you.
  • Customize your icon bar and shortcuts.
  • Buy and print online postage directly on envelopes and forms.
  • Get to important information quickly
  • Track payroll expenses and liabilities
  • Print paychecks and payroll reports.
  • Track inventory and purchase orders.
  • Track your income, payroll, and sales tax.
  • Get tax alerts for quarterly and monthly tax payments.
  • Export tax information to TurboTax for quick tax preparation.
  • E-mail and fax invoices directly from QuickBooks®.
  • Receive payments from customers online.
  • Authorize and record credit card charges within QuickBooks®.
  • QuickBooks® Pro does everything QuickBooks® does—and more.
  • Complex billing is easier with multiple price levels and progress invoicing.
  • Integrates with Word, Excel, Outlook, and ACT!
  • Create and customize estimates, then e-mail or fax them to customers.
  • Track the time you spend on each project and print time sheets.
  • Let up to 5 users work in QuickBooks® simultaneously.
  • Control who sees what with password protection.

How do I find out more?

Contact us at (904) 284-4480, or Email Us by using our contact us page. We can arrange a no-cost, no-obligation assessment of your needs.

Will this book work with QuickBooks® Pro?

Yes, QuickBooks® and QuickBooks® Pro are basically the same. The Pro version offers you more things to do, like Create Estimates, Multi Users, Integrates with MS Word, Excel, Outlook and Symantec ACT!* and Job Costing.