QuickBooks® Consulting Services for Attorneys


If you have ever looked for qualified, experienced help for using QuickBooks® in your Law Practice, you know it can be hard to find. Many people say they are “QuickBooks® Experts” but do they really know the ins and outs of Law Practice Accounting? Unfortunately, many times the answer is no, but by the time your realize it – You can have a real mess on your hands.

Accounting for a Law Firm is different then accounting for your general service business, where many “experts” get their experience. Attorneys need to be able to generate reports on time spent on a case for the courts, other reports for their clients or even for their own business management. And lawyers who have a trust account must also maintain records in a format that they allows them to produce reports to show the ins and outs of the trust account as well as produce client ledgers to stay in compliance with bar reguations.

QuickBooks® can be used by law firms to maintain good accounting practices and effective financial management. Many attorneys or law firms may use one program for case management, one program for time tracking, another for billing and then use another program to track expenses. When it is time to generate reports it can be chaos. By using QuickBooks® you will be able to organize all your accounting in one place. QuickBooks® allows you to setup billing rates for clients, track time, invoice clients, record expenses and reimbursements to the law firm for cost.

Trust accounting for a Law firms is very important. You must be able to track clients funds accurately and easily to provide the reports you need. Getting the trust details is easy using QuickBooks® if, and that is a strong if, you have it setup right.

At Attorneys’ Technology, law firm accounting is what we specialize in. We have had over 18 years experience and worked with hundreds of attorneys and small law firms. We can help you get setup and going quickly and efficiently.

We are here to help.  In addition to our unique books for law firms, we offer specialized consulting services to help you every step of the way. Below is a brief description of  the services that we offer, with a link to learn more

  • learn-more-sqPersonalized One on One QuickBooks® Consulting Services

    Using the power of the internet and a simple phone call we can help anyone anywhere with local and remote online consulting.

  • learn-more-sqClient Trust Accounting Service

    Let us take care of the often time consuming process of reconciling your trust bank account and printing all of the reports that you need to stay in compliance.

  • learn-more-sqQuickBooks® Setup Service

    We can get you started off on the right foot by setting your QuickBooks® company file, entering your chart of accounts, client and bank account information – includes training.

  • learn-more-sqData Import Service

    Thinking of switching from a different program to QuickBooks® – like Time Slips or PC Law but don’t want to loose your customers and transactions?  We can help get your old data into QuickBooks®.

  • learn-more-sqData File Repair and Diagnosis

    Is your QuickBooks® file a mess? Got the feeling that you are missing data or that it is just not working right for you? Our experts will go through your file with a fine tooth comb and get it working right for you.