QuickBooks Books for Law Firms & Attorneys

Attorneys Technology is the only place to find step-by-step QuickBooks books written specifically for attorneys and law firms.  We have books for both PC and MAC, and one book specifically for Trust Accounting   Take a look below at our books, and click the learn more to get more detailed information.

Each of these books are written by Lynette Benton, Industry expert for Attorneys using QuickBooks.  Lynette is the author of several QuickBooks books for attorneys, including the “One Hour” book published by the ABA, and has consulted with Intuit on the Professional Services version of QuickBooks.  She has over 16 years experience helping Law Firms setup, use, and integrate QuickBooks into their daily activities, and with this book she can help you get the most out of QuickBooks.

Law Practice Accounting Using QuickBooks

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Includes the entire Maintaining a Trust Account Using QuickBooks ® Book

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Compatible with QuickBooks ® 2015 and earlier, this is a step-by-step book on how use QuickBooks ® effectively for your law practice. This fully-illustrated book was written to help walk an attorney or anyone that does law office accounting through the sometimes tricky task of setting up and maintaining a law practice.  It also includes a sample data file so you can see for yourself the transactions in QuickBooks ® while you follow along in the book.

Law Practice Accounting Using QuickBooks ® includes the entire contents of Trust Accounting Using QuickBooks ® book, so there is no need to purchase both books.

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Trust Accounting Using QuickBooks® book small cover imageTrust Accounting Using QuickBooks

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If you already know how to use QuickBooks ® but just don’t understand how to setup your Trust Account, then this book is for you! Client Trust Accounts are serious business and this fully illustrated, step-by-step book takes on the serious practice of maintaining detailed financial records for client trust accounts. You will learn how to setup client trust accounts, handle credit card transactions and how to handle retainers. This book cuts through the technical talk that you get with most computer manuals, and specifically spells out everything that you need to do to set up client trust accounts using QuickBooks ®.  This book is included in the Law Practice Accounting Using QuickBooks  Book above, so no need to purchase both books.

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