Time Tracking with the Weekly Timesheet

One of the nice features that you have available when you use Quickbooks in your Law Office, is the built in time tracking feature. We teach attorneys, paralegals and office staff to record their time and use that to generate bills for clients, track time spend on administrative tasks and to track non-billable time.  Using the extensive reports … [Read more...]

Cannot Open QuickBooks – Errors When Opening

Over the past couple of weeks, I have had more than a handful of clients call because there QuickBooks won't open.  Either it will error out when you try to open it, or it will ask you to log in and then it will present you with an unrecoverable error.  The error is pretty cryptic, and does not give you any real hint as to what is causing the … [Read more...]

QuickBooks for Attorneys Book on Sale

In celebration of back to school time, we have our best selling book, Law Practice Accounting Using QuickBooks and Law Practice Accounting Using QuickBooks for MAC, on sale for $10.00 off the regular price. Order on or before August 31st to save and get a head start on getting you firm's books in order before the crunch of the end of the year.  The … [Read more...]

Client Trust Accounting for Attorneys

It is the lawyers' responsibility to maintain accurate and complete client trust accounting records for any monies held in trust for a client. Many lawyers use QuickBooks® to track their time and operating bank account activities, but are unaware that they can use it to track client trust accounts. I have worked with hundreds of lawyers and small … [Read more...]

Schedule Backup in QuickBooks®

This week alone I have had two people call me asking me how to restore a QuickBooks® backup file.   One call was the result of a computer crash, the other has no idea what happened, it just stopped working.   Unfortunately for both of these callers,  the last backup they had was in early March when they made one for their CPA.  So all of the work … [Read more...]

Trust Accounting Using QuickBooks®

Recently I have noticed a lot of information on the web talking about client trust accounting using QuickBooks®. I also notice that people are suggesting making sub-accounts under the bank account for each client. This is a method I do not recommend doing. It limits you on having to make one transaction for each client. If you only have a few … [Read more...]

Tracking Time in QuickBooks ®

Attorneys can track time in QuickBooks® and bill their clients.  You do not need to buy any other software to make this work.  It is in QuickBooks®. QuickBooks® gives you two options for entering time (you can switch back and forth between either methods at any time). In either case, be sure to enter as complete a record as possible if you want … [Read more...]

Converting Time entries from Time Slips or Tabs to QuickBooks®

Are you currently using another program to track and bill your time?  Would you like that time to be brought into QuickBooks® so you can have the history and start using QuickBooks® to manage your time and billing?   If so I can help.  If your current program has the ability to print the time records to a csv or text file, this can be transferred … [Read more...]

Law Firm Sample Statement from QuickBooks

Attorneys can use QuickBooks® to track time and bill clients.   This week alone I have had four people call and ask me what program should they get to work with QuickBooks® so they can do billing.   I told all of them they don't need another program you can do it in QuickBooks®. QuickBooks® has a built in feature to track time.   You can … [Read more...]

What is Undeposited Funds used for in QuickBooks®

One of the most common question I get is “What is undeposited Funds?” When you receive a payment from a client it goes into an account called undeposited funds. Think of this as your bank bag. You may receive payments from clients throughout the week. You stick them in your bank bag. You do the same thing in QuickBooks®. When you are … [Read more...]